Wednesday, July 27, 2005


So, I've been looking around this so called blog place. From what I've seen, the people who write these things are either nuts, lonely, or stupid. This brings a tough decision to make; do I continue with the blog or do I stop now and never look back? Well, since I'm not nuts, or lonely, and as far as I know, I'm not stupid, I don't seem to fit in this blogger's world. First instinct would say, "Go! Get out of here while there's still time! Leave me, save yourself!" Second instinct would say, "Let's sneak out the back way, no one will see us that way, and we can still get out of here without spending any money." After listening to these guys, I've decided to do something completely out of instinct. I'm going to be the first sane, gregarious, intelligent blogger on the entire internet! Victory will be mine, and no one can stop me! Ha ha ha!

This class is boring. Thank God for this crossword puzzle, it's keeping my sanity in tact. The problem isn't that he doesn't speak perfect English, it's that he teaches like a textbook. I already have a book! He's too young to be a good teacher, and he isn't very entertaining. Now, back to the crossword.

I school here?

Too Much Work

Two projects are due in two weeks. I haven't yet started on either of them, but I'm sure to start soon. Why must these two summer classes be such a burden? Summer classes are supposed to be easy, and I don't want to put forth much effort.

On another note, my interest in anatomy has risen due to the fact that I've been watching House regularly. It's terrific. Where is my little radio? I would like to listen to it. Hopefully my anatomy interest stays consistent until the MCATs, so it's easier to study.

I'm getting very hungry. I should go take care of this problem before it gets out of control. Yes, I will eat.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Finally a place to post my deepest thoughts and greatest desires. To be honest, I don't really know how a blog works, or what it is for. Why not just write a word document? I bet it's for the templates, yeah, that's got to be it. But I trail off, where was I? Oh yes, deepest thoughts and greatest desires. Deep thought... isn't that the name of some computer or something? It seems like I remember that from somewhere. Was that the computer from that Douglas Adams book? I think so. Hmm... greatest desires... alas, my love is far away, approximately one hundred miles as the crow flies. I shall see her soon, Friday. I think rambling is good for a blog, it seems to be working for me anyhow. Wait until everyone sees this, or will they? Is this public or private? I don't know, maybe its in that settings tab at the top of this page. Well, the time I'm killing by doing this is almost at an end, but I could very well have more today to say. Peace out as the homies would say. Oh John Cina, will you ever learn?