Saturday, June 05, 2010

Total Domination

I sort of like Ninkasi brewing. Though, not outrageously ground breaking in any way, in fact, very similar to others in their class, Ninkasi is just good. Maybe it's the familiarity of flavor, or maybe its just the novelty. Maybe it's the fact that I just finished 22 ounces of their Total Domination IPA, and I can't really remember what it tasted like at the first sip. In any case, this young brewery, in my humble opinion, will go on to produce many good, though not remarkably different, brews in the future.

Familiarity and consistency rank very highly in my book, probably because it's easy to screw up a great idea. Sometimes brewers try to get creative and make terrible mistakes. I typically believe the best beers are only slightly, but significantly different than the beer that reigned supreme in previous years. Brewers must be careful, though, because if a beer is too similar to another the novelty is lost.

Don't take my beer drinking opinions too seriously. Pabst is one of my favorite lagers.