Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Green Grass

When you're with people that are amazed with things that you've done and seen many times over, it makes you feel pretty cool. It becomes irritating when these people that are having a new experience make it clear that they know much more about these things than you. It may be true that these people have read a book or two more than me on the topic, but I have experienced it time after time, and regardless of what is read in a book, real life experience is much more valid. I wouldn't want a surgeon that read a book about to tell me how to do surgery when they never actually opened up a cadaver, if I had actually had experience in surgery. The same goes for what people tell me in an everyday situation. I don't want someone to tell me about something they've read about but never experienced, when I have experienced it.

In my experience the same type of people have constantly been the ones to do this. I won't say which ones, although they can primarily be found at universities and protests. They assume they know because they have gone to school, when in actuality they know only as much as they've done, which is nothing. These are the people that would rather argue their case than listen to the other side. If there is a rare occasion when they do listen, they're likely to discredit anything said after it is said, no matter how valid it may be.

Some venting. People are idiots, especially around here. Never have I known a more pretentious group of people than the ones that claim the majority of this area.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Same class, but i dont have a crossword. This seems like it will never end!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Is there loving in your eyes all the way? If I listen to your lies would they say, I’m a man without conviction? I ‘m a man who doesn’t know, how to sell a contradiction you come and go, you come and go. Karma karma karma Zachamealion.
~Antonio Ortega

This dude...

So this one time I was walking down the street with my buddy, and this dude asked me for some change. Being the gracious liar that I am, I quickly said no. Soon I was about to wish that I had given him everything I had. He was a filthy looking fellow, old clothes, poncho, unkempt hair, and fingernails blacker than night. He said it wasn't a problem, but demand a handshake, most likely to show respect to each other. I didn't feel much respect for this chap, he seemed very able in every to have a job, but he seemed to be a drifter instead. Later I was going to learn that he frequented Rainbow Festivals. My friend and I continued on our way to where ever we were going. It may have been 7-11, I'm not really sure. Anyways, when we came back through the same dude was there asking people for change. We were hoping we could avoid him, but he spotted us and came over to chat. He told us all about Rainbow Festival and how great it is, and how everyone should go. I had no idea that these things existed. When we left again, he wanted a hug this time. A hug! This stinky dude wanted a hug. Well, I figured it would be one of those pat on the back hugs, so as much as I didn't want to, I also didn't want to seem like a jerk. I started the pat, and he decided to go for the bear. We parted ways, and I never saw him again. I looked into these so called Rainbow Festivals, and it seems to be a large gathering of hippies who celebrate nature by leaving an enormous pile of garbage in it. Who understands those hippies anyways.